EFD Rights Watch: “MEDIA MONITORING JANUARY-FEBRUARY-MARCH 2014: PM Erdoğan Starring in FoE Violations!

O öğrenciye ne oldu
The police forces a detained protester to wear “poşu” in May Day as an evidence of being illegality. Fortunately all detainees released..

May Day in Turkey no longer worker’s, but policeman?s holiday: Human Rights Watch


For the second year running, thousands who gathered in the districts of Beşiktaş and Şişli to march toward Taksim Square ere dispersed with tear gas and water cannons

Journalists in Turkey freer than all countries listed in Freedom House report: FM Davutoğlu

Journalists in Turkey are freer than journalists living in all of the countries that are listed as ‘free’ in a recent report released by a U.S.-based watchdog, according to Davutoğlu


A ?sad? Press Freedom Day in Turkey

Hurriyet Daily News

Debate on press freedom in Turkey ? or lack there of ? continues, with Turkish NGOs and foreign dignitaries slamming Ankara once more as the CHP?s head warns of creeping totalitarianism. Foreign Minister Davutoğlu, however, says the picture couldn?t be better


Bianet :: English

17 people were convicted to a total of 31 years of prison in the first three months of 2014 for insulting Prime Minister Erdoğan. 35 journalists ve 15 publishers are behind bars. YouTube is banned, Twitter is banned and then reopened. At least 40 assaults were made towards mediaworkers and journalists.

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