Eurosphere agenda: EU Parliament’s time machine, Sinn Fein leader arrested, Unfortunate Odessa fire…

Try our new time machine, see what’schanged since first EU elections in 1979 ?


Adams ‘quizzed for 17 hours a day’

Sinn Fein leader Gerry Adams is being questioned for up to 17 hours a day by murder detectives, a source close to Mr Adams tells the BBC.
VIDEO: Football fans clash in Rome

Three Napoli football fans were injured by gunfire in Rome before the Italian cup final between Napoli and Fiorentina, Italian media report.
East Ukraine stronghold ‘surrounded’

Ukrainian troops encircle the pro-Russian stronghold of Sloviansk in the east, after a day of widespread anger over a deadly fire in Odessa

VIDEO: Angry protests after Odessa fire

Tensions remain high in many parts of Ukraine following the deaths of at least 42 people in clashes on Friday.

Is the EU a Nazi project? Debunking an enduring myth

open Democracy News Analysis – by Luc-André Brunet

The power of Angela Merkel’s Germany in today’s European Union has led to a resurgence of the argument that the EU is secretly a realisation of Nazi plans to dominate Europe. Is there any truth at all to this thesis?

Godwin’s law, the adage that “as an online discussion grows longer, the probability of a comparison involving Nazis or Hitler approaches one“, reflects the fact that one of the surest ways to discredit an adversary is to suggest that he or she is a Nazi.

Laundering the Russian Invasion of Ukraine

"We are coming to the southeast," declares a Crimean militia. May 2, 2014, YouTube.?We are coming to the southeast,? declares a Crimean militia. May 2, 2014, YouTube.

Small European countries tend to be more prosperous than big ones. Their governments can use economic policy more subtly, and they can adapt faster to changing circumstances – number 16 of 40 reasons to support Scottish independence.

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