WJS piece: “How Turkey’s Erdogan became one of the world’s most determined Internet censors

How Turkey’s Erdogan became one of the world’s most determined Internet censors


ISTANBUL?Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan rode around Google Inc.GOOGL +0.68% headquarters last spring in the company’s self-driving car, tried on Google Glass eyewear and vowed to keep digitizing the economy in the country he has ruled since 2003.

Since then, the 60-year-old Mr. Erdogan has turned his democratically elected government into one of the world’s most determined Internet censors.

His political party passed laws letting him shut down websites without a court order and collect Web browsing data on individuals. He put a veteran spy in charge of Turkey’s telecommunications regulator…………..

Some Worry Prime Minister’s Tactics Could Become a Template for Other Countries …………



Dispatches: Why Banning May Day in Taksim Doesn’t Work

Human Rights Watch ? May 1 ? With a reported 39,000 police officers and 50 water cannon vehicles, plentiful supplies of teargas, and a complete shutdown of the public transport system in the city, the Turkish government succeeded once again in banning the celebration of May 1
Freedom House ? Hover over a country below to view its press freedom score.* * Score out of 100. The lower the score, the better the press freedom status. CLICK HERE for booklet. Only 1 in 7 people live in a country with a ‘free’ press. Global press freedom has

What next for the Internet?
Ahram Online
Last week, Sao Paolo, Brazil, hosted an international conference on ?Internet governance?, attended by government officials from Brazil, Argentina, France, Ghana, Germany, India, Indonesia, South Africa, South Korea, Tunisia, Turkey and the US, as wel

International ratings agency Fitch has said the risks to Turkey?s sovereign credit profile remain broadly balanced

No such thing as one-party democracy, former US top diplomat Albright says on Turkey
Former US Secretary of State Madeleine Albright has criticized the ‘shortcomings’ of Turkis democracy during a lecture in Istanbul

Istanbul-based correspondent for McClatchy Newspapers rejected the claims against him
In response to PM Erdoğan?s claims that ?the archives are open? for researchers on the Armenian Genocide, researcher Polatel told bianet:?The documents in Ottoman and Republic era were hidden, destroyed or unclassified.
The May Day bans affected civilians, tourists and journalists in Turkey with at least 12 journalists attacked and 1 detained by the police. Journalists? Society of Turkey (TGC) condemned the police violence
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