Erdoğan on the one hand mocks the German President as he calls him a former priest, on the other hand ?hopes? US will send back Gülen…

Demokrasi soruları

For the first time, Turkish PM Erdoğan has publicly expressed his hope that the US will send back controversial Islamic scholar Fethullah Gülen. He also continued his criticisms of Turkey?s top judge and Twitter in an interview with US broadcaster PBS

Is Turkey planning to bypass global ammunition regime?
The Turkish technology and industry minister?s suggestion that the country will attempt to produce its own ammunition has caused concern among some NATO partners that the move could contravene an international treaty

Kurdish oil export to world ?starts in May,? Arbil and Ankara declare
Ankara and Arbil have announced plans to sell Kurdish oil stored in the Turkish point of Ceyhan as of the beginning of May, without waiting for Baghdad?s consent


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