As the tension with Constitutional Court continues, President Gül approves the controversial MIT, Intel law…

President Gül has approved a bill expanding the powers of the MİT, Turkey’s spy agency. With the new law, all Turkish citizens will legally be obliged to provide the MİT requested information and document –or face four years in jail
We weren’t there to be slapped’: Reactions to the critical speech of top judge

The gov’t harshly responded to the heavy criticism, while opposition welcomed it. ‘No one was there to be scolded or slapped,” Parliamentary Speaker said

CHP candidate Yavaş applies to Constitutional Court for re-election in Ankara
The CHP says last month?s knife-edge vote in Ankara was marred by fraud, including problems with vote counting
The right to insist on Taksim for May Day
?We were 500,000 proletarians, We entered Taksim Square. Such an Istanbul we saw. The morning has an owner, There will be time to settle accounts
The Twitter War in Turkey

social media vb by Prasant Naidu

Internet censorship is a growing issue in emerging nations. Most of us are fortunate enough to use the internet and social networks to express our thoughts and can vouch for freedom of expression but there are countries who are at war, for years, for freedom of speech and information

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