Eurosphere agenda: Russia and US sharpen their tone over the Ukraine crisis…


Russia announces new military exercises on its border with Ukraine, after Kiev orders troops to move against separatists in the east.

MAIN FOCUS: Russia and US sharpen their tone | 24/04/2014


Russia’s Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov threatened with military intervention should the “interests of Russians” be hurt in Ukraine. The US is in the process of sending around 600 infantry soldiers to Poland and the Baltic states. Commentators see this deployment of troops as a symbol of the renewal of Nato, and accuse Moscow of provoking the failure of the peace plan for geopolitical reasons



The roads in eastern Ukraine are covered in barricades manned by armed separatists. A nightly curfew is in place, and talk of a Russian invasion hangs in the air

If you drive a taxi, how are you supposed to work?

Strengthening the anti-fascist movement in Greece

open Democracy News Analysis – by Niki Seth-Smith

An anti-fascist festival in Athens earlier this month brought activists from across Greece and Europe together to build solidarity and co-ordinate resistance against Golden Dawn. Niki Seth-Smith reports on the debates on sexism, homophobia, fascist attacks, gender roles, and much more .


French minorities alarmed by far-right wins


French Jews and Muslims say recent National Front victories in mayoral races reflect rising xenophobia


MAIN FOCUS: Valls’ austerity package under fire | 23/04/2014


France wants to cut its public spending by around 50 billion euros by 2017. Socialist Prime Minister Manuel Valls will present a corresponding austerity programme today, Wednesday, which has been heavily criticised by members of his party. But fears of a voter backlash have watered down the package, commentators fear, and urge Valls to hold his course.


Study: Austerity driving Greeks to commit suicide by  /

A direct link ties government austerity measures to a sharp rise in male suicides, according to research carried out at the University of Portsmouth.

Ukraine alert as politician ‘killed’

BBC News | Europe | World Edition

Ukraine’s acting president orders the relaunch of military operations in the east after two men, one a local politician, are found allegedly tortured to death

Elections and ethnic cleansing in Bosnia-Herzegovina

open Democracy News Analysis – by Jasmin Mujanovi?

Election season has a sinister twist in Bosnia-Herzegovina?s Republika Srpska.  Erasure and ethnic cleansing carried out during the war is re-enacted through obstacles on the right of refugees to return.


40 reasons to support Scottish independence – reasons 1-3

The first three of forty reasons to support Scottish independence – geography, numbers, and sociology…


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