As Davutoğlu emerges as strong PM candidate, he goes on majestic/or delusional rhetorics: “Turkey’s ruling AKP to live on for many centuries…

Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu asserts that the ruling AKP is not merely a political party but a ?great historical movement? that will ?continue to exist through the centuries?

Foreign Minister Davutoğlu emerges as strong PM candidate
Ahmet Davutoğlu has emerged as a strong potential candidate for the prime ministry, after President Gül?s recent statement appearing to distance him from the role

Presidential elections and Kurds
One major issue concerning Erdoğan?s presidency is his willingness to do a deal with the Kurdish political movement to ensure their support

Faruk Loğoğlu from CHP has expressed concerns about potential fraud in the overseas voting system

New perception in the West: Turkey is distancing itself from European values
Alarming signs are coming from a series of statements issued recently by significant political personalities in Europe in terms of the change

Turkish intelligence has detected a signal, possibly coming from the cellphone of one of two Austrian teenage girls who some believe were tricked into going to Syria to fight for Islamist rebel
Key graft suspect Zarrab calls probe a ?coup operation?
Reza Zarrab, the prime suspect in Turkey?s high-level graft probe, said the probe into him aims to help foreign companies conduct gold trade between Turkey and Iran
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