Eurosphere agenda: “Website to fact-check EU election campaign claims…

Website to fact-check EU election campaign claims by Laurens Cerulus

As European politicians hit the campaign trail for the May EU elections, the online project FactcheckEU documents how truthful their campaign speeches really are.

European Union
European Union (Photo credit: dawe2k5)
Pro-Kremlin rebels in east Ukraine appealed April 20 for Russian ‘peacekeepers’ to sweep in after a deadly gunfight killed at least two of their militants

Russian outrage at Ukraine killing

BBC News | Europe | World Edition

The Russian foreign ministry expresses outrage at a fatal shooting incident in eastern Ukraine which it blames on Ukrainian nationalists

Religious leaders show Ukraine split

BBC News | Europe | World Edition

Orthodox Easter messages from patriarchs in Kiev and Moscow reflect Ukraine’s deep divide, as a tense stand-off continues in the east.


Paris insists no ransom was paid as President François Hollande leads an emotional welcome for four men who were held for 10 months by rebels in Syria

Official: German electoral oversight is unique in EU by Ewald König

In Germany, elections are a ?self-organised act of the people?: it is the only EU member state where EU elections are overseen by ordinary citizens, and an independent returning officer, who spoke in Berlin on Wednesday (16 April). EurActiv Germany reports.

MAIN FOCUS: Nato boosts its presence in Eastern Europe | 17/04/2014


Nato on Wednesday announced plans to increase its military presence in Eastern Europe. Meanwhile the foreign ministers of Russia, the US and Ukraine are meeting with the EU foreign affairs chief in Geneva today, Thursday, for crisis talks. This dual strategy is the right way to deal with Russia, some commentators write approvingly. Others see little hope for a diplomatic solution to the crisis

The proportion of ?likes? on the official Facebook pages for Macedonian presidential candidates has turned out to be surprisingly similar to their proportion of the official vote count ? both in the 2009 elections and in the 2014 presidential elections.

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