AKP’s social engineering on Football fans: e-ticket system

And of course e-ticket system is run by Erdoğan’s relatives-in-law…..

Police crack down on football fan protest in Taksim over e-ticket system


The new system, dubbed ‘passolig,’ will allow security forces to check fans’ private data

çArşı to boycott derby game to protest e-tickets


çArşı?s announcement is the latest supporter outcry against the electronic ticketing system, introduced by the Turkish Football Federation (TFF)


E-ticket system launched amid criticism and supporter protest


Turkish football supporters are up in arms against the electronic ticketing system launched in Turkey?s stadiums, arguing that the system is a threat both to the secrecy of private data and the supporter organizations

In other news:

Le Hizbullah enflamme à nouveau l?université Dicle à Diyarbakir.

YOL (routes de Turquie et d’ailleurs)

Décidemment, l’anniversaire du Prophète semble bien se transformer en rituel à l’université Dicle de Diyarbakir. Et un rituel qui n’a rien de religieux. C’est la seconde année consécutive que ces festivités religieuses deviennent un prétexte pour déclencher des heurts entre militants de Huda Par (ex hizbullah reconverti), étudiants apocu (sympathisants d’Ocalan) et bien sûr les forces de l’ordre.

Hailing peace process, Kurdish politician returns home from self-exile


In show of support for the government-led peace process, leading Kurdish politician Yaşar Kaya arrived in Ankara after living in Germany for more than two decades

Turkish Soap Operas and Social Unrest Collide in Surreal Photos
In his ongoing project City of Dreams, photographer Guy Martin has created a compellingly strange visual concoction that combines shots from last year?s Gezi Park protests with photos from Turkish soap opera sets.

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