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Ukrainian Crisis: a Quick Guide to Key Internet Links


Source: Parliamentary Library of Australia This Quick Guide provides Parliamentarians with a list of key resources and commentary about the ongoing crisis in Ukraine.   + Direct link to Guide (PDF; 268 KB)



US says arming Ukraine forces is an option

Following the EU’s decision, Monday (14 April) to expand the list of Russian officials targeted by an asset freeze and travel ban, the United States announced that it is considering supplying arms to Ukraine

Obama presses Putin over Ukraine

BBC News | Europe | World Edition

The US president urges his Russian counterpart to use his influence to make separatists in eastern Ukraine stand down as the government moves against them

EU approves one-billion-euro aid to Ukraine

Hurriyet Daily News

The European Union on Monday formally approved a one-billion-euro assistance package to help Ukraine’s interim authorities overcome the country’s deep financial problems


To defuse the tensions in eastern Ukraine, acting President Oleksandr Turchynov on Monday proposed a referendum on the federalisation of the country. At the same time he asked the UN to send in peacekeeping forces. Commentators doubt Kiev will be able to bring the situation under control and see help from abroad as the only solution to the crisi

The EU stands united in the face of Russia – or does it?

Open Europe blog

So, about Ukraine…

Arriving in Luxembourg this morning to discuss events in Ukraine with his European counterparts, British Foreign Secretary William Hague called for a “clear and united” EU response to Russia’s ‘escalation’ of the crisis


It?s time for European investments in Greece, says German industry by Sarantis Michalopoulos

After Greece’s successful return to the bond market last week, the time has come for European investment in the debt-ridden country, according to the Federation of German Industries. EurActiv Greece reports.


EU sees Russia’s hand in Ukraine and threatens sanctions

Hurriyet Daily News

The European Union discussed fresh sanctions against Russia on Monday as foreign ministers angrily blamed Moscow for fomenting trouble in restive eastern Ukraine

Europe?s Deepening Muddle

Project Syndicate by Ashoka Mody

German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schäuble recently called for EU treaty changes to create a European budget commissioner, among other things. But, while Schäuble?s strategy may sound appealing, it will amount to nothing ? not least because of countries’ unwillingness to cede sovereignty.

You?re a Russian reporter ? stay out of Ukraine!

open Democracy News Analysis – by Roman Osharov  Ukraine’s border and security officials are applying a restrictive policy on Russians entering the country, particularly male Russians of military age, and reporters


The empty slogans of the ?Volksparteien? in the European Parliament election campaign in Germany

Jon Worth

From its headquarters at the southern end of Stresemanstrasse as far as Potsdamer Platz, the SPD has filled the street with huge election posters for the European Parliament election campaign? and they are awful. The five main posters are shown below.

Minorities unite with animated campaign ahead of EU elections

Osocio Weblog #NoHateEP2014: Minorities unite with animated campaign ahead of EU elections.

This animated campaign explains the choice given to Emma, an EU voter, in the May elections. Emma faces an important choice between candidates who oppose her friends? rights, or who care about both Emma and her community.

Marine Le Pen under fire for absenteeism and untruths by Cécile Barbière

As the European election campaign picks up, French politicians are attacking Marine Le Pen for ignoring her parliamentary her responsibilities in Brussels. EurActiv France reports


The Commission is close to finalising proposals for economic and trade sanctions regarding Crimea, the Ukrainian peninsula occupied by Russia. A final decision by member states is expected soon, diplomats told EurActiv

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