Taksim denied for May Day Rally… Government wants tension…A Social fabric roundup…

Unions meet Istanbul governor for May Day rally in Taksim

Hurriyet Daily News

A senior Turkish labor leader has said thousands of union members are determined to celebrate International Labor Day in Istanbul?s iconic Taksim Square


Anti?westernism in Turkey

open Democracy News Analysis – by Hakki Tas

Erdoğan now adopts the same rhetoric of his political opponents even though they were imprisoned for attempting to overthrow his government. This anti-western, conspiracy-driven rhetoric may lead to a point of no return.


900,000 Syrians take refuge in Turkey: UNICEF


The number of Syrian refugees that have taken shelter in Turkey has approached 900,000, UNICEF says, particularly warning of the problems Syrian children have been facing in exile


Justice minister announces exclusive prisons for LGBTs, sparking debate

Hurriyet Daily News

Bekir Bozdağ has announced that a project to build exclusive prisons for LGBTs is underway, sparking concern that such a measure will expose them to more discrimination


Case opened against policeman, 20 years demanded for ?intentional killing? of Gezi protester

Hurriyet Daily News

An official lawsuit has been opened into a policeman on charges of ?intentional killing? of Gezi protester Abdullah Cömert

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