Rare good news. 48 KCK suspects released… Dispatches from Turkey…


Hurriyet Daily News
A Diyarbakır court has released 48 of 91 arrested suspects in the main case against the Kurdistan Communities Union (KCK)

Controversy between Turkish government, top court rages on

The controversy surrounding the Constitutional Court?s partial overturning of a judicial bill has continued, with the head of the top court refuting the prime minister?s recent claims

Turkey not fit for EU for now, Germany?s Turkish origin minister says

Hurriyet Daily News

Turkey belongs to the European Union in the long term but not for now, according to Aydan Özoğuz

Turkey urges Russia to drop Montreux off the agenda

Consecutive statements from top Russian officials blaming Turkey for the violation of the sensitive Montreux Convention by NATO countries have seriously disturbed the Turkish government

Turkey warns US Congress not to harm bilateral ties over Armenian resolution

Hurriyet Daily News

The Turkish Foreign Ministry has warned the US Congress over an Armenian Genocide resolution

The Gülen row lingers in Brussels, as MEP Duff turns his criticism to Turkish PM Erdoğan

Hurriyet Daily News

The row that marred the 74th EU-Turkey Joint Parliamentary Committee meeting continued April 11

NATO and Turkey’s Genocidal War on Syria

Center for Research on Globalization

Actually, this ?leak? is a highly sophisticated WikiLeaks-style psy-ops which seeks to divert attention away from the utterly criminal cross-border offensive on Kasab by NATO-backed mercenary forces and theTurkish Armed Forces. Furthermore, on April 1

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