Europshere agenda: “Casualties Reported as Ukraine Launches ‘Anti-Terrorist’ Effort

Ukraine sends troops to eastern cities

Moscow warns that use of force by Kiev against separatists could foil plans to hold four-way talks this week aimed at defusing the escalating crisis

The takeover of Ukraine government buildings turned bloody Sunday, as government forces sought to retake a building seized by pro-Russian militants in the eastern city of Sloviansk

Ukraine tries to clear pro-Russian rebels, reports dead on both sides

Hurriyet Daily News

Ukrainian security forces launched an operation in Slaviansk, with Kiev reporting dead on both sides as it combats what it calls an act of aggression by Moscow

Masked Gunmen Seize Security Buildings in Eastern Ukraine

Mashable! by Christopher Miller


The crisis in Ukraine escalated Saturday, as pro-Russian masked gunmen seized a police station and a security services building in the city of Sloviansk, near the Russian border

Germans not keen to upset Russia

BBC News | Europe | World Edition

Why some Germans prefer to look east not west

Risk of ‘gas war’ grows as Ukraine halts payments to Russia

Hurriyet Daily News

Ukraine said it was suspending payments to Russia for deliveries of gas, ratcheting up the tension in a standoff that could leave EU states cut off from the Russian gas


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