in Edirne, elderly woman resists construction at a park; in Ankara, all united to have a fair election result; in Batman BDP chases for lost votes in the dark….

Elderly woman resists construction at a park in northwestern Turkish city


A 75-year-old woman has stopped construction at a local park in the northwestern province of Edirne by sitting in front of the bulldozer.


Erdogan won the elections, but will he convince the Turkish people?


The prime minister governs a polarised nation, its vulnerable social fabric torn apart and some of the people are angry

BDP chases for lost votes in the dark


A photograph showing the Peace and Democracy Party (BDP) deputy Ayla Akat Ata searching for ballots in the garbage with a flashlight has gone viral on Turkish social media.

Youngsters of Ankara mobilize to claim their votes over fraud claims


Many young volunteers rushed to the CHP headquarters March 31 to join teams that were working to count the differences between the figures provided in records of the ballot boxes and the figures being recorded on the YSK

Opposition ballots found in trash bags in southern Turkey


Used ballots, marked for CHP and MHP), have been found in the garbage in the southern province of Osmaniye

Southeastern town elects 27-year-old female candidate for mayor


At only 27, Leyla İmret was selected as the new mayor of Cizre with a record 83 percent of the vote, becoming one of the youngest and strongest-backed mayors


Turkish elections power blackout culprit found: A cat


A cat that entered a power distribution unit was the cause of controversial power blackouts, the energy minister said

15 suspects, including mayor-elect, detained after Felicity Party?s candidate killed

Some 15 suspects have been detained as a part of an investigation into the death of SP’s mayoral candidate Behmen Aydın



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