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Cascais, Lisboa, Portugal
Cascais, Lisboa, Portugal

I have been following Turkey news since March 9 while looking at this view outside. I have been in an Eramus IP project in which 7 European universities cooperate with 70 students, 10 per each.

Centre of Cascais.
Centre of Cascais. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Our study place is close to Cascais and instructors stay at the center of this beautiful town. It has been a relatively long work and not really I could travel around. It is a full 15 day of work with only a few breaks. But what the worst thing is that lack of internet connection at a scandalous level. I guess all my salary will go to mobile services. One thing I kept was my Twitter activity but apart from that, all stopped to a large extent. I cannot believe how a research project can happen without regular internet connection but I believe the other researchers had taken other issues as more primary than the connection. There is of course fantastic wine and seafood and Portuguese people are even less punctual than many Turks. That makes things a bit relaxed. If I have time, I will storify days passed here and in Turkey… Anyways, maybe it was still a good thing to be away for 2 weeks from Turkey’s hectic life and I am sure I will be fully immersed the moment I arrive and EFD readers will resume receiving lots of posts daily;)


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