International Women’s Day celebrated in Istanbul and elsewheres…

8 March 2014 Women's Day Parade in İstiklal Street
8 March 2014 Women’s Day Parade in İstiklal Street

The march was without much incident. Police did not let women enter Taksim Square but this was relatively quiet a peaceful and joyful event…

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AFP Photo Department @AFPphoto-Women clash with Turkish police on Istiklal Avenue to mark World women day
This was a minor clash with a particular left wing group and police….

Police close Gezi Park during Women’s Day demonstrations in Istanbul

Police has prevented a group from organizing a demonstration to mark International Women’s Day at the entrance of Istanbul’s Gezi Park in Taksim

Kadınlar polisi 'mora boyadı'

Man gets manhandled by demonstrators during Women’s Day in Ankara

A man has been manhandled as he tried to stopped them from throwing eggs to an AKP building


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