Yes, Turkey releases key suspect Erhan Tuncel in Hrant Dink murder trial… #YargıYürütmeninEmrinde

Erhan Tuncel tahliye edildi

Key suspect in Hrant Dink murder trial Erhan Tuncel released

Erhan Tuncel was suspected of planning the murder of the Turkish- Armenian journalist

Here is a roundup of mostly negative news from Turkey:

The Gravest of All Leaked Phone Calls

In the past few weeks, several leaked voice recordings allegedly of Turkey’s Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan and people around him sent shockwaves, but there was no other like the last night’s, I believe.

Turkey’s Erdogan goes on offensive over corruption allegations

Prime minister warns that those responsible for recordings of purported power abuses ‘will pay the price for betrayal’

Turkey’s prime minister has berated an Islamic cleric he accuses of plotting to wreck his government, as more voice recordings apparently intended to embarrass him were aired online.

Chronology of Dec. 17: The stones are settling into place?

Today’s Zaman

AK Party İstanbul deputy Muhammet Çetin is sent to the party’s discipline board with a request for expulsion based on his joke about shoeboxes. In the HSYK, Bekir …. Some of those whose jobs change include Ömür Ceylan, Foreigner’s Branch Directo

Obama ?got the message? on Gülen during phone talks, PM Erdoğan says

PM Erdoğan has said he conveyed to US President Obama his concerns about the activities of the Islamic scholar who lives in self-exile in Pennsylvania

Erdogan enemies take wiretap archive

Official endorses claims by pro-government media that all digital recordings of wiretaps made before 2012 have been removed from telecoms directorate

Students, locals stand guard to protect trees in Diyarbakır campus

A number of students and locals have started to occupy the gardens in order to prevent the felling of more trees overnight

Social media users and bloggers to be fined over pictures with alcoholic drinks

Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and blog users will have to think twice when posting pictures

Istanbul prosecutors prepare new indictment for Gezi Park protests

Istanbul prosecutors have refiled an indictment over last summer?s Gezi protests after a court ordered them to eliminate shortcomings in a previous version of the document

US wants Turkey to negotiate with EU to join Transatlantic trade pact


Washington would prefer Turkey to join a U.S.-European Union trade pact by agreeing on a scheme with the latter, instead of signing a separate deal

Recipe for revolt: what do Ukraine, Turkey and Thailand have in common?


Each revolution is different, but in the modern interconnected world grassroots uprisings have similarities and cross-fertilise

If one lesson can be drawn from the spate of street revolts rippling around the globe from south-east Asia to Europe to Latin America, it is that every revolution is different.

Historical opportunity shouldn?t be missed, Turkish Cypriot negotiator says


The historical opportunity which has occurred with the recent reunification on Cyprus talks should not be missed, according to Turkish Cypriot negotiator Kudret Özersay

Turkey’s Crimea Connection: Why Turkey Cares What Happens In Ukraine


As tensions continue to escalate between Russia and Ukraine, regional powers like Turkey may look at ways to get into the mix, according to experts. Lying just 173 miles (280 km) from the Turkish coast of Anatolia across the Black Sea, Crimea, the Ukrainian autonomous region that is now engulfed with Russian troops, is home to a community of ethnic Turks known as Tatars. They oppose a Russian


Turkey?s Foreign Policy Challenges

BILGESAM Analysis, n° 1119, 3 March 2014 Wise Men Center for Strategic Studies (BILGESAM) by Tarık Oğuzlu * As the dynamics of international and regional politics have been changing dramatically over the last couple of years, Turkish foreign policy will face important challenges in the years to come. These challenges concern not only Turkey?s relations

Foreigners have $25 billion worth real estate in Turkey


While the total worth of property sales to foreigners has reached $25 bln during the AKP era, this corresponds to only 13 percent of foreigners? tourism spending and 2 percent of exports


Turkish consumer morale hits four-year low


Turkish consumer morale has hit a four-year low in February, as rising political concerns and tighter monetary policies have begun to influence expectations.


Credit Card Debt Threatens Turkey?s Economy


The boom in consumer credit has become a serious risk for Turkish lenders, Standard & Poor?s warned in a new report.


Turkish state TV won?t air World Cup matches at fast-breaking times

TRT will broadcast instead special Ramadan shows, Deputy PM Bülent Arınç said

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