“İstanbul’s historical peninsula disappearing… an Istanbul news roundup…

İstanbul’s historical peninsula disappearing

Cihan News Agency

The historical peninsula, İstanbul’s Old City, is like a huge outdoor museum, with thousands of artifacts and architectural masterpieces; however, it is

Istanbul Becomes the Last Stop on the ‘Grand Tour’

Men’s Journal

Istanbul has gone by several names over the years. Founded as the Greek city of Byzantium in 660 B.C., it became Constantinople, a key part of the


Istanbul: A look at the growing gallery scene in Turkey’s Largest City – AO Art Observed

AO Art Observed? ? D. Creahan

The winter conditions in the Turkish metropolis of Istanbul often border on excessive damp and gloom, but the coastal city’s burgeoning art scene

Forgotten Italian face of Beyoglu: Casa Garibaldi


Only two years after Italy was united by Garibaldi, the Italian workers in Istanbulfounded the building with the ideology that they were all ‘Italian’ on ..


Istanbul’s Tram: Symbol of nostalgic Istanbul

Turkish Press

ISTANBUL – The Tram once the symbol of the ambition of the ruling elite of the Ottoman Empire, still servesIstanbul today. It has become a symbol not

1453 Journal of Istanbul’s Culture and Art: a Momento of the city

Turkish Press

ISTANBUL – ‘1453 Journal of Istanbul’s Culture and Art’ whose title refers to the Conquest of Istanbul in the 15th century, offers its readers a broad

Yabangees’ happy in İstanbul, could do without the traffic jams

Today’s Zaman

The most-preferred city for foreigners is İstanbul, with 106,156 foreign people residing in the city. The word ?foreign? is not actually a good word to

Design geniuses come to Istanbul


With its motto ?seeing through the mind?s eye,? alldesign, which will be organized in Istanbul on Feb 21 and 22, aims to analyze the use of design in making differences in marketing, branding and ergonomy

Istanbul’s Grand Bazaar undergoes restoration


Istanbul’s historic Grand Bazaar, one of the biggest and oldest covered markets in the world, will undergo a major restoration project totaling 200

Beautiful Istanbul

Vancouver Sun

It certainly doesn’t get more Istanbul Turkish Muslim than this ? standing between the Blue Mosque and Hagia Sophia, which was once a church,


Who Did Do More Damage to Istanbul? Crusaders or Islamists?


I decided to write a summary, a timely one on the eve of local elections, after I tweeted the following message a couple of days ago:

Postcards reflect Istanbul?s multi-cultural past


Seyhun Binzet, a chemical engineer and a keen postcard collector, has a stock of over 10,000 postcards collected since 1969

Istanbul theaters to gain speed in May


The 19th Istanbul Theater Festival will host 100 performances by seven foreign and 35 local Turkish theater, dance and performance companies


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