So some were on the streets on Saturday Night to protest Internet Censorship…

Unfortunately, many digital natives’ circles are not involved especially in the last 2 anti-web censorship protests that took place in Taksim, İstanbul and some other major cities. Many of them give digital support, especially in cases of police violence but some radical leftist groups increasingly alienate internet activists. Some groups take initiatives and leave internet … Read more

After clashes, more than 70 dead, peace deal in Ukraine reported…

Ukraine ‘peace deal’ after clashes Ukraine’s president announces a deal with the opposition, a day after dozens were killed in clashes, but the French foreign minister urges caution Ukraine leader, opposition reach deal to end crisis: Presidency   Ukrainian President Yanukovych and opposition leaders were to sign a preliminary deal aimed after a night of talks mediated … Read more

In just a few days, AKP declares “state of emergency” in Ankara; widens powers of intelligence agency and legislates openly Censorship law on Internet…

Ankara police granted permission for ?general searches?   Ankara court has granted the police permission to conduct general searches Turkish gov’t seeks to widen powers of national intelligence agency   The government is seeking broader powers for its intelligence agency, including more scope for eavesdropping and legal immunity for its top agent Leaning on judges: … Read more

Al Jazeera the Stream piece: “Twitter critics #UnfollowAbdullahGul

Turkish president reportedly loses 80,000 followers after signing controversial internet law….   [View the story “Twitter critics #UnfollowAbdullahGul” on Storify]

“At Least 35 Dead in New Violence in Kiev… #euromaidan

At Least 35 Dead in New Violence in Kiev Deadly clashes erupted in the Ukrainian capital Kiev early Thursday morning, with at least 35 protesters confirmed dead by Mashable, many from gunshot wounds. The spasm of violence shattered a truce called late Wednesday night by opposition members and the president. Deadly violence shatters Ukraine truce as EU … Read more

Apps for newcomers to Istanbul or Turkey… A social fabric roundup…

If you’re moving to Turkey, or just visiting… Here are some apps that will be of great use, and also some useful info.   IBB Trafik This app shows live traffic info with a nice color scheme (green=no traffic, orange=slow but moving traffic, red=you’re running really late if you use this route). It also has … Read more

İstanbul Hepimizin (@istanbulhepimiz) @SosyalKafa konuğuydu. @SimgeSezer derledi.

[View the story “\”İstanbul Hepimizin\” sözleşmesini SosyalKafa’da izleyin ” on Storify]

Turkish President Abdullah Gül lost 80 thousand Twitter followers in one day…

President Abdullah Gül lost 80 thousand followers since yesterday after approving censorship law.   News in Turkish here. Unfollow campaign news here. *************** 2013 Media: Arrests, Assaults, Interventions, Layoffs While 59 journalists and 23 publishers were arrested in 2013; 186 journalists, 1 media outlet and 2 internet sites were subjected to attacks. ECHR ordered to … Read more

Today today. Images…

A protesting high school kid stopped (!) by police today. Fog in the city. Bosphorus Bridge today. via Ozan Sakin ?@osakin  Presiden Abdullah Gül double-faced. In one tweet he support freedom of expression, in another he informs us that he approved the new Internet bill so that it could be implemented quickly. Turkish gov?t launches talks with opposition … Read more

Eurosphere agenda: Apocalyptic scenes’ in Ukraine’s Kiev… Bosnia and Herzegovina articles in Open Democracy…

  France and Islamic feminism: intersectionality in the Republic The fact is that Islamic feminists in western countries, and especially in France, struggle with identity affiliations and fight against multiple forms of oppression that bind them to post-colonial and anti-racist movements. VIDEO: ‘Apocalyptic scenes’ in Ukraine’s Kiev At least nine people, including two police officers, have been … Read more

President Gül admits decline of media freedom but also contributes by signing controversial internet law… EFD Rights Watch

Turkish President Gül admits decline of media freedom   Turkish media has the right to rise up against ‘wrongful practices,’ Abdullah Gül says   Turkey president signs controversial Internet law into force   Ankara (AFP) – Turkey’s president, Abdullah Gul, said Tuesday he had signed into force a controversial law voted in by the government … Read more

Ukraine burning… More than 15 activists dead… #euromaidan

  Fresh clashes in Kiev as protesters demand parliamentary vote Protesters clashed with police near Ukraine’s parliament Tuesday as they sought to force lawmakers to strip embattled President Viktor Yanukovych of a raft of powers Photos From Kiev: Latest Riots Turn Deadly  

President Abdullah Gül approved new Internet Law. Turkey home of censorship

Ironically he informed the public that he approved the new law by tweeting…   He is just a good cop who approves the bad cop’s law. Hopefully they will go down together…

Cengiz Aktar: Kıbrıs nihayet?

 Kıbrıs nihayet? Ada tekrar gündemde. Duyunca, önceki çabaların nasıl boşa çıktığını hatırlayıp  ?yine mi? diye sorup geçesi geliyor insanın ama bu sefer durum farklı. Çünkü adanın her iki tarafında da, hatta kayırıcıları Türkiye ve Yunanistan?da bile deniz bitti!   Kıbrıs Cumhuriyeti?nin (KC) iktisaden ve siyaseten içine düştüğü durum ortada. KC, AB üyeliği sayesinde ve avroya dâhil olarak … Read more

EFD Rights Watch: He keeps on deceiving public…

  Turkish PM Erdoğan defiant over attack claims on veiled women during Gezi protests PM Erdoğan was defiant over his claims that a veiled woman was attacked in front of Istanbul?s Kabataş docks by Gezi protesters   61 women killed across Turkey in 2013   Some 61 women in Turkey were killed by their husbands … Read more