Journalism roundup: “The newsonomics of measuring the real impact of news…


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CEO Andrew Miller: ?Membership-type propositions? will be key to The Guardian?s revenue growth



The newsonomics of The Guardian?s new ?Known? strategy

Guardian Media Group CEO Andrew Miller discusses the paper?s digital strategy in an interview with The Media Briefing?s Jasper Jackson. Miller expounded on The Guardian?s?known? strategy, which aims to collect more information on the site?s 40 million monthly visitors to better target products to them.

Who edits breaking news articles on Wikipedia?


What can we learn from examining the networks of users who edit articles on Wikipedia?

That?s the question Brian Keegan, a post-doctoral fellow at Northeastern University, is asking, and he gave a presentation of some of his findings at Harvard?s Center for Research on Computation and Society this week.

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