…on the 11th to fight mass surveillance.. Cyberculture agenda.

Join Boing Boing, Reddit, and websites all over the world on the 11th to fight mass surveillance

In two days, the Internet will erupt in a protest to rival the uprising against SOPA: in Aaron Swartz‘s memory, websites everywhere will add code from TheDayWeFightBack.org to their templates, helping to flood Congress — and the world’s legislative bodies — with calls for an end to mass surveillance.


Bits | Entering the Era of Private and Semi-Anonymous Apps

New York Times (blog)

Entering the Era of Private and Semi-Anonymous Apps. By NICK BILTON. Wut is an app designed for screenshots via Wut Wut is an app designed for ?semi anonymous chats? and allows people to talk to their friends in real-time. Today’s Web-enabled gadgets


Alleged Silk Road Kingpin Ross Ulbricht Pleads Not Guilty


10 Ingenious Hacks That Helped Facebook Take Over the Internet

Facebook’s first ten years changed the world in more ways than you think.

Bitcoin?s Political Problem

If cryptocurrency is to succeed, its proponents need to acknowledge that it?s hard to divorce money from politic

Russia Outlaws Bitcoin

Russia’s Prosecutor General has declared use of bitcoin illegal in the country, charging that the currency is used for money-laundering and other illegal purposes.

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