Necdet Ünüvar: The AKP deputy behind Turkey’s repressive Internet Law

The proposed law is still under discussion at the Turkish parliament as of tonight. 

Prof. Necdet Ünüvar is a professor of NOT communication but medicine. He started his political career in Ministry of Health. Later he became a deputy of AKP from the city of Adana. He seems to have moved his attention to new media issues as he headed a related subcommittee in the Parliament. He has a clinical approach to new media and most of his arguments grow around internet addiction and child porn issues. That was the obsessive concern of that subcommittee. He claims that internet is the result of child intelligence based on a speculative research (What would you expect?) here. Not mention that he is a staunch defender of Erdoğan policies.

Just a few days ago he had repeated his arguments in an interview at CNN Türk and continued his moralistic crusade emphasizing porn consumption in general and child porn… He may not be the one who started this legal process but he is certainly one of the major actors who laid ground for AKP’s new media policies. Prof. Ünüvar seems to be the most sensible of those AKP deputies who defend the Internet Law but unfortunately he has a basic flaws in approaching new media….


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