EFD Rights Watch: “All special courts to be scrapped before local elections… Possible Balyoz re-trial…

Key evidence in Turkey?s Balyoz coup case ?fabricated,? expert report says


Turkey?s science watchdog said that the date of key files on a hard drive have been modified

Balyoz convicts demand retrial upon expert report on altered evidence


Twelve people convicted in the Balyoz coup plot case have demanded a retrial after a recent expert report revealed that key evidence had been altered

All special courts to be scrapped before local elections, Turkish justice minister says


Special courts, including those authorized by the Anti-Terrorism Law, will be completely abolished before the Parliament?s recess, Bekir Bozdağ said


CHP urges ?putting politics aside? for release of Ergenekon convict with cancer


Main opposition head Kılıçdaroğlu urged both the president and the PM to take the necessary steps for Fatih Hilmioğlu’s release to receive pressing cancer treatment


ECHR Convicts Turkey of Police Fire

The European Court of Human Rights issued a verdict on the case of Şamil Camekan, finding Turkey guilty of the lack of efficient and rapid investigation regarding right to life after a police shooting. Turkey was ordered to pay 6,000 euros as non-pecuniary damages


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