EFD Rights Watch: Web censorship in Turkey is as real as possible. Critical news site Vagus TV banned today…

Vagus.tv is a well visited online news site. It has a critical attitude, initiated by journalist Serdar Akinan. I just heard that it is banned today….

In other news: 

Child bride?s husband, family face 18 years


An official lawsuit has been filed against the family of child bride Kader Ertem, her husband and the husband?s family


Turkey’s TV watchdog penalizes state broadcaster for insulting joke on Alevis


Controversy stirred after singer Mustafa Topaloğlu told a joke insulting the Alevi community at a program on TRT Müzik channel

Istanbul high court rejects retrial of Balyoz convicts

The Istanbul 10th High Criminal Court has rejected the retrial demand of convicts in the Balyoz case

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