For the record, TÜSİAD also a traitor in PM’e eyes.. A roundup…

Turkish PM Erdoğan slams top business group head for probe warnings

PM Erdoğan slammed TÜSİAD over ‘investors won’t come to such country’ statement


Erdogan: Turkish strongman under corruption cloud

The Nation

… minister has gradually shifted from pragmatist tendencies to ideological ones, from team work to personal decisions, from democracy to authoritarianism, from thought-out policies to impulsive ones,? said Ilter Turan, professor at Istanbul‘s Bilgi …

Turkey and the EU ‘have never needed each other so badly’

Neither the EU nor Turkey want a rupture in relations- Interview

Neither EU nor Turkish PM wants rupture in relations, expert says

Turkey: Corruption Probes Threaten to Derail Economy


The escalating turmoil over corruption allegations against Turkey?s political elite is now threatening the ruling Justice and Development Party?s greatest achievement ? Turkey?s economic growth. With national elections looming in the future, that threat could affect the party?s 11-plus-year hold on power, some local observers believe

Rigging case political, insists Fenerbahçe chairman


Fenerbahçe chairman Aziz Yıldırım reiterates his claims that the match-fixing scandal is part of a political conspiracy. Yıldırım, who is set to lose his chair, will hold a press conference this week

Turkish justice minister downplays official?s phone call to graft prosecutor


Bozdağ confirmed that a ministry official called a prosecutor, but rejected claims of ‘threat’

Turkish people upset that democratic progress is being reversed: Islamic scholar Gülen


Gülen gave his first interview since the graft scandal


Gulen Blasts Turkey Leader

The Wall Street Journal Europe (USA)  January 21, 2014, p. 1 By Joe Parkinson & Ayla Albayrak The reclusive, Pennsylvania-based imam who has been in a political marriage of convenience with Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan for more than a decade lashed out Monday at his onetime partner, the strongest sign yet of a

CHP Istanbul candidate Sarıgül replies to TMSF: ?You cannot scare me?

Mustafa Sarıgül, main opposition Republican People?s Party (CHP) Istanbul mayoral candidate, said Turkey?s state fund ?cannot scare him,? following a decision to seize his assets.


There Is A Price To Oppose Erdogan


In the past few days…


1) TMSF, Turkey’s savings watchdog attached to the Prime Minister’s office, has seized the assets of Sisli Mayor Mustafa Sarıgul, less than three months ahead of the local elections. Sarigul was recently nominated as the Istanbul mayoral candidate for the main opposition CHP. The financial case has a 16-year-old history and it’s not clear why TMSF waited for so long to act.

Imam Fethullah Gulen Accused Of Attempting ‘Coup’ Against Turkish Prime …

Huffington Post

Ilter Turan of Bilgi University in Istanbul warns that the internal fight is now threatening the rule of law in the country. ?While what the judiciary may have done may not be to the liking of the government, trying to put the judiciary under the

Closing Turkey?s Erdogan-Gulen divide


Straits Times (Singapore) January 20, 2014, p. A 19 Jonathan Eyal, Europe Correspondent A clash between two Turkish leaders over the role of Islam in the life of the nation has far-reaching implications. Fresh from a recent Asian tour which included Singapore, Turkey?s Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan will arrive in Brussels tomorrow for talks


Turquie: la démocratie perdante

La Tribune (France), no. 5351, lundi 20 janvier 2014, p. 58 Dani Rodrik * Le combat entre le parti au pouvoir, l?AKP et le mouvement religieux Hizmet laissera des traces. La démocratie turque peine à s?affirmer.  Par Dani Rodrik, professeur à l?université de Princeton. En Turquie un combat spectaculaire se poursuit entre le parti au

Turkey’s test of wills


In recent months, Turkey?more specifically, Prime Minister Recep Tayyib Erdogan and his Justice and Development party (AKP)?has been the center of controversy and the subject of passionate debates

Fresh mass purges hit Ankara and İzmir police in wake of graft investigation


Around 470 police were sacked or reassigned in the capital Ankara alone while key police officers were relocated in İzmir


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