While Turkish gov’t is about to control Judiciary.. “Riza Sarraf, the mega-rich “Great Gatsby” of Turkey…

Graft probes triggered fight within Turkish government


Turkey has never seen such a fight within a government before. Here is the list of events since Jan. 6, as PM Erdoğan left Turkey for Japan on the evening of Jan. 5


Riza Sarraf, the mega-rich “Great Gatsby” of Turkey.

Immigrant success story or a gold smuggler who bribed government officials and laundered money for Iran? We look at the man at the center of the corruption scandal roiling Turkey.

Turkish Police Purge Broadens in Corruption Inquiry

The Turkish government dismissed or reassigned police officials from posts in 15 cities, including Turkey?s capital, Ankara.

Why Turkey is back on the watch list

Recep Tayyip Erdogan?s domineering style and a willingness to compromise Turkey?s rule of law has created an increasingly volatile political scene


Turkey: Police Dismissed After Launching New Probe

Turkey’s state-run agency says at least two police officers were removed from key posts in the city of Izmir hours after police there detained some 25 people in a new bribery and fraud investigation.

CHP: Turkish PM Erdoğan to stand before judges one day


The prime minister will stand before judges over corruption claims, on the day when clean politics prevail in the country, main opposition Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu has vowed


A state crisis in Turkey?


Turkish PM’s battle with an influential Islamic cleric


Judges board launches investigation into freshly appointed Istanbul police chief


The HSYK opened investigations into the new head of Istanbul police force and key prosecutors amid a graft probe


Hundreds of Police Officers Reassigned in Turkey


The move is the latest development in the effort of Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan to contain a spreading corruption inquiry.


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