Turkish government is warming up for the strongest attack against internet freedom in Turkey

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For the moment, the best English compilation can be found in Ahmet Sabancı’s blog post:

The New Censorship Bill in Turkey

2014 started with a new bill proposal against free speech and internet freedom in Turkey. Down below, you can see what this new regulations brings if it passes. This list copied from Pirate Party Turkey?s blog post, which you can read here…………………
Alternative Informatics Association today released a press bulletin and a few other sources can be found at the end here (all in Turkish).
All deputies that signed the proposed bill are from the ruling party, AKP….
Here are the enemies of Internet Freedom among Turkish deputies: 
Adı ve SoyadıPartisiSeçim Çevresi
Zeynep Armağan USLUAdalet Ve Kalkınma PartisiŞanlıurfaİlk İmza Sahibi
Erol KAYAAdalet Ve Kalkınma Partisiİstanbul
Tülay KAYNARCAAdalet Ve Kalkınma Partisiİstanbul
Mehmet METİNERAdalet Ve Kalkınma PartisiAdıyaman
Harun KARACAAdalet Ve Kalkınma Partisiİstanbul
İhsan ŞENERAdalet Ve Kalkınma PartisiOrdu
Gökcen ÖZDOĞAN ENÇAdalet Ve Kalkınma PartisiAntalya
Feramuz ÜSTÜNAdalet Ve Kalkınma PartisiGümüşhane
İsrafil KIŞLAAdalet Ve Kalkınma PartisiArtvin
Mustafa ŞENTOPAdalet Ve Kalkınma Partisiİstanbul
Tülay SELAMOĞLUAdalet Ve Kalkınma PartisiAnkara
Osman Aşkın BAKAdalet Ve Kalkınma Partisiİstanbul
Ertuğrul SOYSALAdalet Ve Kalkınma PartisiYozgat
Orhan KARASAYARAdalet Ve Kalkınma PartisiHatay
Tülin ERKAL KARAAdalet Ve Kalkınma PartisiBursa
Ülker GÜZELAdalet Ve Kalkınma PartisiAnkara
Nurcan DALBUDAKAdalet Ve Kalkınma PartisiDenizli
Ayşenur İSLAMAdalet Ve Kalkınma PartisiSakarya
Ayşe TÜRKMENOĞLUAdalet Ve Kalkınma PartisiKonya
Gülay DALYANAdalet Ve Kalkınma Partisiİstanbul
Hüseyin ÜZÜLMEZAdalet Ve Kalkınma PartisiKonya
Kemalettin AYDINAdalet Ve Kalkınma PartisiGümüşhane
Öznur ÇALIKAdalet Ve Kalkınma PartisiMalatya
Cengiz YAVİLİOĞLUAdalet Ve Kalkınma PartisiErzurum
Mustafa BALOĞLUAdalet Ve Kalkınma PartisiKonya
Azize Sibel GÖNÜLAdalet Ve Kalkınma PartisiKocaeli
Sevde BAYAZIT KAÇARAdalet Ve Kalkınma PartisiKahramanmaraş
Official Parliament site for the proposed bill here.

Internet Censorship is on the Decline? Not a Chance!

A re-fashioned Internet Censorship Bill is about to be proposed. The question is, ARE YOU READY FOR IT? 

#SansüreHayırDe (#SayNo2Censorship)In order to increase censorship and surveillance online,  the Turkish government is proposing changes to the Law No 5651, otherwise known as ? Code of Publications on the Internet and Suppression of Crimes Committed by means of Such Publication .?

This does not bode well for the freedom of speech online. The proposed changes ensure that censorship will become ever more present in the future with the amendment to Law No: 5651. You can expect the following:

·        New methods of blocking ?harmful? content will be implemented. Rather than censoring the entire website, these methods will target the direct URL of infringing sites………………..

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