The biggest single reported police shakeup in Turkey last night: Nearly 600 replaced in Ankara… A roundup…

Hundreds of Turkish police removed from posts


Shakeup follows corruption investigation which saw detention of politicians’ sons and businesspeople close to government

About 350 Turkish police officers have been removed from their posts in Ankara overnight, CNN Turk said, in the biggest single reported police shakeup since a corruption investigation rocked the government last month.

Hundreds of officers relocated after midnight sweep at Ankara Police Department


Some 600 police officers are being relocated following a midnight purge of 350 officers at the Ankara Police Department amid an onging graft probe

Turkey may legislate release of jailed army officers and journalists

The recent corruption scandal and the power struggle between Turkey’s Islamists produced an unexpected return yesterday as it was revealed that the government may introduce legislation to review convictions under the Ergenekon and Sledgehammer …

Turkish army demands retrial in coup plot cases


Turkey ‘coup plot’: PM Erdogan ‘favours retrial’

BBC News

The conviction of several dozen senior officers in the Sledgehammer andErgenekon cases of 2012 and 2013 was a sign of the military’s dramatically reduced political power. But the Erdogan-Gulenist alliance has now come apart. In December, some of the


Corruption scandal complicates Turkish rate policy as lira slides


Reuters Economic (UK) Monday, January 6, 2014 By Andrew Torchia, Istanbul Data suggests considerable room for more capital outflows. Rates may need to rise 3 ? 4 pct points to stabilise lira. Scandal could make this harder by hurting construction. Adds to difficulty of raising rates before elections. Tightening may come only after some months

The trials of Turkey’s legal system


Not long ago, Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan was proud to assert himself as the ?prosecutor? of a series of trials all linked toErgenekon, defined as a terrorist organization aimed at bringing down his government. More than 200 current

?Neither graft, nor dual justice? says Union of Turkish Bars


In a telephone interview with the Hürriyet Daily News, Metin Feyzioğlu gave details of his visit to PM Erdoğan on Jan. 4 in Istanbul

Three parties agree on constitutional change for arrested lawmakers


The AKP, the CHP and the BDP agreed on to permanently resolve the problem of arrested lawmakers by amending relevant articles of the Constitution


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