EFD Rights Watch: Turkish-Armenian writer Nişanyan jailed on charges of illegal construction…

Turkish-Armenian writer Nişanyan to be jailed on charges of illegal construction


The Turkish-Armenian writer and linguist Sevan Nişanyan was expected to be jailed on Jan. 2 and serve a two year sentence


Ombudsman’s Gezi report advises adoption of EU norms for mass protests

The 8-article list of advice includes ascertaining the wrongdoing of security forces, in terms of the use of disproportionate force, on the basis of universal declarations on human rights

Gezi?s ?sling-shot auntie? says will do it again after release from detention

‘Gezi was not only about trees. We fought against injustice and poverty too,’ Cansever says


Turkish parliamentary groups intensify efforts for release of jailed deputies

Contacts have yielded a result and the AKP, the CHP and the BDP formed a commission at Parliament in a bid to resolve the controversy

Police officer criticized by PM for ordering lahmacun following graft raid relocated

Footage of the chief officer comfortably sitting on the couch at the office of the son of the ex-environment minister, prayer beads in his hands, ordering some lahmacun

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