Turkey’s New EU minister aims to pass his predecessor’s record: “warns Enlargement Commissioner Füle for graft statement

Turkey?s freshly appointed EU minister warns Enlargement Commissioner Füle for graft statement


In his first statement as EU minister, Mevlüt Çavuşoğlu has rebuked Stefan Füle urging him to be ‘more vigilant’ on his comments about Turkey

FM Davutoğlu: ?The revolution Turkey made in its region has disturbed some?


?The revolution done by Turkey in its geography has disturbed some,? according to Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu

Syrian war transforms Turkish border towns

The influx of Syrians has boosted the local economy but also heightened competition and social tensions.


Turkey offers to accept lower compensation for Mavi Marmara victims: Report

The Turkish government has become more flexible over compensation for the deadly Mavi Marmara raid victims

Turkey and Israel have new round of compensation talks for Mavi Marmara victims

An Israeli delegation met with a senior Turkish diplomat in Istanbul last week as part of compensation talks for the Mavi Marmara raid victims


Gold at center of corruption, money laundering allegations hitting Turkish gov’t

Some of the suspects of the graft case are alleged of being involved in Turkey?s gold-for-gas trade with Iran


Turkey: Contest Tries to Strengthen Pan-Turkic Ties

With a combination of the kitsch of Eurovision and the lofty sentiments of pan-Turkic brotherhood, the Turkic-speaking world?s first international song contest, Turkvision, made its debut. Azerbaijan won the inaugural contest, besting 23 other competitors from across the Turkic world ? from the powerhouse host Turkey to tiny Shoria, a region of 14,000 in western Siberia.

Mideast politics ?hurt? Turkey?s trade: Turkish esporters body


The Turkish Exporters Assembly says developments in the Middle East have been adversely affecting Turkey?s trade in the region


Turkish FM Davutoğlu defends visa deal with EU

FM Davutoğlu has defended the recently signed visa deal with the EU and said there is no turning back from the process

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