EFD Rights Watch: “Sebahat Tuncel may face jail…

Kurdish MP and HDP co-chair may lose parliamentary seat after top court approves sentence

HDP’s co-chair Sebahat Tuncel may face jail as the Supreme Court of Appeals approved an eight-year sentence against her for PKK membership


Hakan Yaman: ‘They hit me and gouged out my eye with something sharp’


Minibus driver set upon by police after getting caught up in Turkey’s Gezi Park protests vows to seek justice

It was a Monday night in early June. Protesters will remember it as the night they celebrated the occupation of Istanbul’s central Taksim Square and the adjacent Gezi Park after a weekend of clashes with the police in what was arguably the largest wave of protests in recent Turkish history.

1203 Workers Killed on the Job in 2013


According to a report released by Worker Health and Work Security Assembly, at least 1203 workers were killed from work-related injuries in 2013 (as of December 26). Out of 1203, 59 were children and 101 were women.

Gezi Protests Inspire Modelling, Too

The Gezi Park spirit keeps spurring creativity in Turkey. After humor, linguistics and music, now it inspires die-cast modelling

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