Anthropology roundup: “Lawrence of Arabia as anthropologist…”Anthropologists Respond to Gender-Citation Disparity

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Lawrence of Arabia as anthropologist

To be honest, I was surprised how much attention Peter O?Toole?s recent passing received. We all knew he was famous, but we also learned this week how deeply he was loved. Many people loved him because he had that one thing that is so hard to find in the entertainment industry today: charisma. But anthropologists loved him for something else: Lawrence of Arabia. Lawrence of Arabia is central to anthropology, and ought to be more even more central than it is. It is about fieldwork, intimacy, impersonation, and colonialism. It puts on display the complexity, ambivalence, and often ugliness that comes with anthropological fieldwork

Anthropology, Empathy and the Other Regarding Emotions


Savage Minds welcomes guest blogger LINDSAY A BELL

In the last few weeks, social work scholar turned pop-psychology web superstar BrenéBrown came out with a short animated video summarizing much of her writing on empathy. It opens by drawing a distinction between empathy and sympathy.


Back in 2011 I wrote a post here called ?Wasting away again in grantlandia.? That one was written when I was right smack in the middle of the joys of grant writing. I think by that point I had revised my proposal about 1000 times and my eyes were just about to go on strike. My brain was having a hard time with basic sentences. I was fried. Ah, those were the days.

Anthropologists Respond to Gender-Citation Disparity

On December 11, the Chronicle of Higher Ed article ?New Data Show Articles by Women Cited Less Frequently? by Megan O?Neil, caused anthropologists, Virginia Dominguez, Matthew Gutmann and Catherina Lutz, to look introspectively at the discipline of anthropology. In the article, O?Neil notes ?Research papers and peer-reviewed articles written principally by women are cited less frequently than those whose dominant authors are men, compounding the underrepresentation of women in scholarly publishing, according to a new study.?

Republican Anthropology

Bucks County Courier Times (blog)

Years ago, in a graduate class, I challenged my students to try to imagine what the first words might have been as our first tribes dealt with the evolution of language. “Ma” was frequent, even “Da”. “Uh Uh”, said a friend. The first word was “Run


Neandertals could talk


PLoS ONE 8(12): e82261. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0082261


Micro-Biomechanics of the Kebara 2 Hyoid and Its Implications for Speech in Neanderthals


Ruggero D?Anastasio et al.


The description of a Neanderthal hyoid from Kebara Cave (Israel) in 1989 fuelled scientific debate on the evolution of speech and complex language. Gross anatomy of the Kebara 2 hyoid differs little from that of modern humans. However, whether Homo neanderthalensis could use speech or complex language remains controversial.


Sex and the Siberian Neanderthal: Incest and inter-species action

The first anthropologists relied on skull shapes and bone lengths of fossils to identify ancestors in the hominin family tree. Recently though, geneticists have bulked up their toolset, and have identified new species from material taken from mere …

Neanderthal bone shows inter-breeding

50 shades of caves: Neanderthals were swingers

Neanderthals’ History Of Incest: DNA Shows Evidence Of Early Human …


Can Anthropologists Communicate?

A journal editor’s comments anger biologists within the discipline — renewing debate about whether some subfields are more favored than others

Media at the AAAs: Toward Greater Accessibility


[This is an invited post by Lavanya Murali Proctor. Lavanya is a linguistic and cultural anthropologist who believes that the academic class system is incompatible with the principles and ethics of anthropology, and therefore we can?and should?be at the frontlines of this battle. She lives online at @anthrocharya].

Many contingent faculty have noted that the AAAs are very expensive, and therefore exclude those who cannot afford to go?a fairly large number of anthropologists. At the Chicago meetings, I spoke to a few members of the AAA governance on this issue. They said that the AAA aims to increase accessibility broadly defined. This is no bad thing considering the meetings are inaccessible in a variety of ways to a variety of people, which problems anthropologists rehash every year (for example, unaffordable to adjuncts or hard to navigate for anthropologists with disabilities). The focus, in increasing accessibility, is on media and technology.

Whither the Future of Anthropology in Education?

TC Columbia University

All of which made the College the logical venue, in mid-October, for a two-day conference titled ?The Future of Anthropology and Education? ? a future that currently seems very much in question. ?Anthropology is disappearing as a focus in many

What is anthropology?

Coldwater Daily Reporter

While everyone I talked to through throughout my college career had at least a vague understanding of what history is and what being an historian entails, most had no idea what anthropology is. So what exactly isanthropology? Some people reading this

Belizean Anthropologist Speaks

Huffington Post

Joe Awe is a Belizean activist, entrepreneur, anthropologist, mayanist, tourism lecturer at a local junior college, and also one of Belize’s top tour guides. I met with him over coffee last week to talk about the future of Belize and I insisted that he


Cultural anthropologist of 2013: Dame Anne Salmond

eFollowing our annual tradition, anthropologworks herby names the cultural anthropologist most ?in the news? in the previous year. I launched this feature in January 2011 by naming Paul Farmerthe cultural anthropologist of the decade, and I identified the ?Paul Farmer Effect? in which increasing numbers of students seek to combine medical anthropology and health/medicine studies.

2011 was another easy call: David Graeber, for his writings and activism related to the Occupy Movement. How can it be that the Occupy Movement was that long ago?


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