Police brutality expected in Taksim Solidarity’s meeting at 7 pm

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Some argued that CCTV are off but they are back online at the moment… 

Some citizens/activists are against a demonstration this evening. However, many important elements of Taksim Solidarity are still inviting people for the meeting… 


How Turkey’s Rule Of Law Resists Its Ruler’s Law

The pressure on the Turkish government increased today as three more MPs resigned to protest Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan over AKPgate and Turkish lira hit record lows
But the most important development shows that the rule of law in Turkey resists to the ruler’s law: Turkey?s Council of State annulled a new controversial regulation imposed by the government on judicial police, obliging those carrying out investigations to inform superiors, hence Erdogan.
Prominent Turkish businessmen among arrest list in second corruption probe: Report

Prominent businessmen were among the 41 suspects who were issued arrest orders in the second corruption probe

Lilly Chapulton: RT @washingtonpoint: Erdogan reinforces the “independence war” rhetoric in city of Sakarya. There is civil war in Turkey, it’s bloodless civil war declared by PM

I would judge the Supreme Council of Judges and Prosecutors if I had authority: Turkish PM

PM Erdoğan fulminated against the judicial board over its statement on the gov’t decree lifting investigation secrecy
Turkey’s military distances itself from political corruption investigation

 Military releases statement after suggestion that scandal engulfing prime minister Erdoğan may be part of coup plot

Turkey’s military has released a statement saying it will not be dragged into politics amid a deepening corruption scandal that engulfs the prime minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan.

Turquie : ?Le Premier ministre Erdogan a toutes ses chances à la présidentielle?

France 24, Jeudi 26 décembre 2013 Entretien Poussé au remaniement après une affaire de corruption touchant son gouvernement, le Premier ministre turc Recep Tayyip Erdogan est sur la sellette mais ne semble pas enclin à quitter le pouvoir. Analyse d?Ali Kazancigil, spécialiste de la Turquie. Six mois après la contestation anti-gouvernementale née sur la place


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