“War Cabinet” as the graft probe is to zero in Erdoğan family… A roundup…


Kabinede 10 değişiklik
Many believe this is a “war cabinet” as some of the new ministers are already behind AKP‘s authoritarian policies.
PM Erdoğan announces new Cabinet with 10 changes amid graft probe

The Cabinet changes include the interior, economy, environment and EU ministers implicated in the graft probe that has shaken the government
Turkish PM Erdoğan says those who target him through graft probe will not succeed

The target of the probe is himself, PM Erdoğan said in remarks published by Hürriyet

Three Turkish cabinet members resign and one calls on prime minister Tayyip Erdogan to quit

Three Turkish cabinet members have resigned over the country’s escalating corruption scandal.

One of them, environment minister Erdogan Bayraktar, urged a defiant prime minister Tayyip Erdogan to follow suit. The resignations add to a week-old crisis which has pitted Erdogan against the judiciary and reignited anti-government sentiment simmering since mass street-protests in Istanbul and other cities in the summer.

One of the most vocal pro-AKP daily Yeni Şafak claims this is a coup. Declares AKP’s position as a struggle of independence.
EU socialist group head suggests that Turkey ?needs new prime minister?

‘Erdogan is in trouble after the resignations. Perhaps Turkey needs a new prime minister: less autocratic and more ready for dialogue,’ Hannes Swoboda said via Twitter
Turkey resignations: Corruption or power struggle?

The government of key U.S. ally Turkey began to crack this week. There are rumblings that an Islamic cleric living in the United States may have something to do it.
Corruption probe shakes Erdoğan government to core

The resignations of two Turkish Cabinet ministers on the morning of Dec. 25 were not something unexpected.
Eyes have turned to President Abdullah Gül following the massive probe which could end up revealing Turkey?s greatest corruption scandal to date

US criticizes ‘media attacks’ on its ambassador to Turkey over graft allegations

US has criticized media reports that its officials are involved in a set-up against the Turkish gov’t over recent corruption accusations

Going, going, gone…
Today was probably the longest day in the 11-year rule of the Justice and Development Party (AKP). Let me summarize what happened:
Growing Mistrust Between U.S. and Turkey Is Played Out in Public

The New York Times (USA) Tuesday, December 24, 2013, p. A 9 By Tim Arango, Istanbul Coming together over crisis has been a hallmark of the relationship between the United States and Turkey in recent years. So it was an especially troubling sign of degraded trust that a meeting between Turkish and American diplomats was
Resignations are belated: Turkish opposition

While welcoming resignations of three ministers, the opposition parties maintained that the move on Dec. 25 was a belated one as the related case erupted on Dec. 17
PM Erdoğan declares ?independence brawl? against plotters

On the day three of his ministers resigned due to an ongoing corruption and graft probe, Erdoğan declared ‘fight for independence’ against what he calls ‘traitors and spies’
Erdogan challenged as three Turkish ministers quit

Three Turkish ministers resign after their sons were charged in a corruption investigation
Ankara Prosecutors? Office confirms ongoing probe against Turkish State Railways

According to the reports, prosecutors have launched a probe over corruption claims in the high-speed rail line tender
TGC Sues Police Over Media Ban

Journalists Society of Turkey (TGC) sued police authorities over the entry ban and eviction of press rooms across Turkey?s police stations
Former Turkish interior minister resigns from AKP over graft scandal

It is the first resignation from the ruling AKP, and a high-profile one, since the high-level graft probe was revealed last week
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