EFD Rights Watch: Erdoğan among “Great People” in RSF’s annual list. 22 lawyers tried in Silivri… #SavunmayaÖzgürlük


Journalists killed, bloggers imprisoned, censorship…, the overall level of freedom of information violations continues to be very high and the situation is still worrying in 2013 as proved by the annual round-up published on December 13th, 2013 by Reporters Without Borders.

Reporters Without Borders and its agency BETC denounce this alarming observation with their new campaign : Great People. By staging the propaganda by the enemies of press freedom, they remind with irony that without independent journalists, you would have to content yourself with this kind of “information”.

Made in collaboration with Rita Films and Green United Music, the campaign will be broadcasted on the major French TV channels and on the Internet from December 21st.



Turkish prosecutor blames CNN, BBC, Reuters for twisting Gezi Park protests

An Antalya prosecutor claimed in an indictment that international press misinformed the world during the Gezi Park protests.

Around 500 lawyers gather in Silivri for trial of their colleagues


Hundreds of lawyers gathered in Silivri to watch 22 of their colleagues being tried over alleged links with the DHKP/C.

Hard news for Turkey’s journalists

The Turkish journalists facing intimidation, injury and arrest


Video reveals police beating shopkeepers while running after Gezi protesters in Eskişehir

Newly released security camera footage has shown suspected police officers beating shopkeepers

?Journalist Aygün Must Be Freed”

Several photo journalists across Turkey assembled this afternoon to urge authorities to increase efforts for Bünyamin Aygün, a photo journalist at Milliyet newspaper who has been abducted in Syria 27 days ago.

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