Eurosphere agenda: Aydan Özoğuz, Germany’s first ever Turkish-origin Cabinet member

Aydan Özoğuz
Aydan Özoğuz

Germany names first ever Turkish-origin Cabinet member

Deputy leader of Germany?s Social Democrats (SPD), Aydan Özoğuz, has been announced as the country?s new state minister for immigration, refugees and integration


The Ukrainian revolution is European and national

Ukrainian civil society wants a truly independent Ukrainian and European nation. And Ukrainians understand that, in order to achieve this independence, they need to completely overhaul the political system. Anton Shekhovtsov on Euromaidan and the rebooting of Ukraine.

Who lost Ukraine?

Almost overnight, Ukraine ceased to be a “kingdom in the middle”. Now there are only three options left, writes Ivan Krastev: sign the agreement with the EU, as the majority of Ukrainians want; join Putin’s Eurasia, as the endangered political elite desire; or go bankrup

Germany’s SPD backs coalition deal

Members of Germany’s opposition Social Democratic Party (SPD) have voted overwhelmingly in favour of entering a grand coalition government led by centre-right Chancellor Angela Merkel.

Euromaidan and beyond

Euromaidan is not just about failing to sign the Association Agreement, it is about Ukraine’s whole development as a country. For 22 years, it has been stuck in a grey zone between post-Soviet autocracies to the east and democratizing neighbours to the west, writes Mykola Riabchuk.

Snowden and state surveillance in Spain

Like most Europeans, Spaniards were shocked by revelations of extensive US spying on European citizens. Yet, there has been little or no public debate on state surveillance in Spain since then. Why not? (from our new Joining the dots series)

The new German surveillance state – Merkel, Snowden and the Euro Hawk drone

In principle, Germany is a state committed to democracy and international peace. This is why three recent political scandals, which exposed the vulnerability of German citizens to the surveillance institutions of their state as well as the development of drones, came as a surprise to many.

Bosnian census risks deepening ethnic rifts

Politicians rush to claim triumph for their own particular group, even though census data on ethnicity have not come out yet.

EU banking watchdog warns of risks from Bitcoin

Consumers using Bitcoins are on their own when it comes to losses, the European Union’s banking watchdog said on Friday (13 December) in a formal warning to consumers on the risks of using unregulated online currencies.

The European Banking Authority said there was no protection or compensation for people whose “digital wallets” are hacked, a transfer of virtual money goes wrong or a platform is shut.


In Salaries and Work Effort: An Analysis of the European Union Parliamentarians[PDF], a paper by professors Naci Mocan and Duha Altindag in the latest Economics Journal, the researchers take advantage of a recent change in the pay of Members of the European Parliament to examine the relationship between pay and work.

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