EFD Rights Watch: Turkey to sign Euro human rights protocol… Maybe it will help…

PEN International and Turkish publishers call on Turkey to extend freedom of expression

Turkey holds almost one tenth of all intellectuals imprisoned for freedom of expression in the world, according to PEN International

Villagers killed in aerial attack officially alive, lawyer says


Twenty-five of 38 villagers killed in an attack in southeastern Turkey almost 20 years ago were still alive according to official documents, a lawyer says

Gezi Park protests victim undergoes fourth operation


Gezi Park protests victim Berkin Elvan went in for surgery again today, the 14-year-old teenager still in a coma

Turkey Moves to Silence Dissenters, but With One Eye on Its Image AbroadJournalists and foreign observers have reported a continuing campaign of intimidation by the government.

Turkey to sign Euro human rights protocol


Turkey will sign Protocol 16 to the European Convention on Human Rights, a Turkish official has said


Public broadcaster TRT sacks two employees for Gezi tweets

Up to 15 employees were being investigated for tweets sent from their personal accounts

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