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Page 16 of Wuthering Heights on Google Books
Page 16 of Wuthering Heights on Google Books (Photo credit: Mike Riversdale)

Google’s Book-Scanning Is Fair Use, Judge Rules in Landmark Copyright Case

Google’s massive book-scanning project that makes complete copies of books without the authors’ permission is perfectly legal under U.S. copyright law, a federal judge ruled today, deciding an 8-year-old legal battle.
Google Finally Gets Legal OK to Scan the World?s Books

Larry Page?s dream of making it possible to search every book ever published is revived by a court ruling on copyright.

Google triumphs in book scanning copyright case, judge rules it beneficial

Google has won an eight year long legal case against the Author?s Guild brought about by its decision to scan millions of books for indexing in its database.

According to GigaOmthe ruling notes that Google Books provides ?significant public benefits? and is an essential research tool for many people leading the verdict to land on the side of non-infringement of copyright laws. It was deemed as ?fair use? because it was ?highly transformative? (as a tool) and didn?t harm the original works.


Court Upholds Legality of Google Books: Tremendous Victory for Fair Use and the Public Interest

It?s a good day for fair use and sane copyright law.  After years of litigation, Judge Denny Chin has ruled that the Google Books project does not infringe copyright.  Readers, authors, librarians and future fair users can rejoice.
EFF and Other Groups to NSA: Are You Spying on Our TPP Work?

EFF has joined over three dozen civil society groups in seeking assurances that our collective work on trade negotiations is not being surveilled by the National Security Agency (NSA) or other United States security agencies. In a letter sent this week to NSA Director Keith Alexander and U.S. Trade Rep Michael Froman, we asked whether the NSA is spying on organizations and individuals advocating for the public interest in U.S. trade policy. We also demanded answers on whether the US Trade Representative has requested this data, if they have included communications with foreign nationals, and if that surveillance has occurred within U.S. borders.

Activists sound alarm over TPP leak

Document released by WikiLeaks raises concerns over intellectual property rights.

How Does News Consumption On Facebook Stack Up Vs. Other Social Networks?

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