Cyberculture agenda: Jeremy Hammond case.. “Brazil and Germany Propose UN Resolution Against Mass Surveillance…Google Deleted 200 Million ?Pirate? Search Results in 2013

Brazil and Germany Propose UN Resolution Against Mass Surveillance

On November 7th, Brazil and Germany jointly tabled a preliminary version of a resolution on online privacy at the UN General Assembly. At a time when public outrage over the reach and scope of U.K. and U.S. mass surveillance is at an all time high, the draft resolution is the first official recognition by the UN of the threat that mass surveillance poses to human rights. The draft resolution is significant in many respects but particularly because it condemns ?human rights violations and abuses that may result from the conduct of any surveillance of communications, including extraterritorial surveillance of communications… in particular massive surveillance.?



Less than a week after Aaron Swartz took his own life, filmmaker Brian Knappenberger found himself surrounded by friends and colleagues of the 26-year-old Internet activist. Knappenberger was attending a computer symposium in New York City, where he was scheduled to answer questions about hacktivism, a topic he?s well-versed in.

10 Year Prison Term Sought for Anonymous Hacktivist Jeremy Hammond

Anonymous hacktivist Jeremy Hammond should receive the maximum 10 year prison term for defacing law enforcement and corporate websites and stealing 200 gigabytes of email and 60,000 credit card numbers from a private intelligence firm, prosecutors argued in a court filing today.

The future of online activism

Jeremy Hammond’s trial may set important precedents for hacktivism vs. cybercrime.

Anonymous Has Threatened Cyberwar with Itself

Motherboard (blog)

There’s disquiet in the ranks of global hacktivist movementAnonymous. After a series of attacks on .au websites, AnonymousAustralia has posted a Youtube video offering their fellow hackers over at Anonymous Indonesia a “final warning” to stop hacking …

Anonymous threatens cyberwar with Anonymous

Indonesian hackers still attacking civilian Australian sites, gets final …

Hackers cripple ASIS website

BitTorrent Traffic Drops in America, Grows in Europe

Over the years we have been following various reports on Internet traffic changes, specifically in relation to BitTorrent.

One of the emerging trends is BitTorrent and P2P traffic as a whole losing its share of total Internet traffic, in North America at least. A new report published by Sandvine this morning confirms the downward spiral but also suggests that there is actually less BitTorrent traffic.

Google Deleted 200 Million ?Pirate? Search Results in 2013Since last year copyright holders have started to increase the number of DMCA takedown requests they send to Google.

In 2011 Google was asked to remove less than 10 million links from its search engine. Last year this quickly grew to more than 50 million and in 2013 this might quintuple again to a quarter billion allegedly infringing links.


Webcomics pioneer Joey Manley dies

Joey Manley, creator of Modern Tales, online comics trail-blazer, podcaster and author,died last week at 48. Many tributes are being posted to his Facebook page; Kevin Melrosepublished an obituary at Comic Book Resources.

Anonymous factions threaten cyber-war on one another over anti-NSA hacks

RT (blog)

Hackers affiliated with the Anonymous Australia collective have posted a video warning their counterparts in Indonesia that if they do not stop infiltrating private Aussie web sites the two factions could engage in an all-out cyber-war. The group known …

Anonymous Has Threatened Cyberwar with Itself

Anonymous Indonesia pinned as ASIS hack culprits

Anonymous threatens cyberwar with Anonymous


Dogfight: How Apple and Google Went to War and Started a Revolution

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Behind the bitter rivalry between Apple and Google?and how it?s reshaping the way we think about technologyThe rise of smartphones and tablets has altered the business of making computers. At the center of this change are Apple and Google, two companies whose philosophies, leaders, and commercial acumen have steamrolled the competition. In the age of Android and the iPad, these
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