“Socialist International passes declaration on Gezi Park, voices support for protester’s demands… A FP roundup…

Socialist International passes declaration on Gezi Park, voices support for protester’s demands

SI members who were gathered in Istanbul for their annual Council Meeting issued a declaration in support of the Gezi Park protesters’ demands

Turkey Found Guilty of ?Bombarding Kuşkonar Village? in 1994

ECHR found Turkey guilty of ?bombarding Kumçatı and Koçağlı villages in 1994?, ordering Turkey to pay 38 applicants a sum of 2,305,000 euros.

Why does no official cry over the Turkish woman in a Russian prison?

You might recall how Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan burst into tears in a live tv broadcast

Why Davutoğlu’s trip to Iraq was important?

?My security council advised me not to go to Karbala due to security problems. I have listened to and thanked them. They did their job. But I decided to go.” Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu made this statement while returning from his visit to Iraq

Greece not taking positive steps on minority issue, says Turkish minister

Greece has yet to take a positive step on meeting the demands of the country?s Muslim minority

Syrian refugees struggle with trauma

Anger, anxiety, and depression are common among Syrian refugees living a precarious existence in Lebanon

Minister Bağış accuses EPP of ?detaining? ruling AKP

Turkish EU Minister Egemen Bağış has put the blame on the European People?s Party for the ruling Justice and Development Party?s recent decision


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