Four million people watched Gezi protests thru UStream… “Remembering Aaron: activism and the effective citizen… Cyberculture agenda..

Remembering Aaron: activism and the effective citizen

This morning, I gave a speech to a gathering of public media executives from around the world, Public Broadcasters International. This evening, I will open a hackathon at the MIT Media Lab in memory of Aaron Swartz. The more I thought about it, the more I realized I wanted to talk about the same ideas to the two groups. Here?s the talk I gave this morning, which opened and closed with a remembrance of Aaron as an exemplar of multifaceted, effective citizenship. (It got both enthusiastic and angry reactions, including legendary documentarian Ric Burns taking the stage to proclaim himself the anti-Zuckerman. Which is great, as I?ve always wanted a nemesis.)

How 10 Internet Companies Fared on Their First Days of Trading


On the company’s first day on the New York Stock ExchangeTwitterclosed at $44.90 per share, up almost 73% from its opening price of $26 per share

Four million people watched Gezi protests on alternative live broadcaster UStream

UStream said four million people watched Turkey?s Gezi protests as clashes between police and protesters on the mainstream news channels were not broadcasted properly

Grenoble Is the Powerful Tech Hub You Never Heard Of


On arrival in France at Lyon?s Saint Exupéry Airport, you wouldn’t picture the Alps city of Grenoble as a major French tech hub or a challenger to Paris.

Twitter’s Big Day: Why Zero Profits Make for a Great IPO

Twitter is bleeding money, its user growth is slowing — and its IPO jumped through the roof. Here’s how Twitter and fate conspired to turn lemons into the most spectacular stock spike of the year.

European Parliament Members Explore Decriminalizing File-Sharing

europe-flagThe European Copyright Directive (Infosoc) dates back more than a decade.

At the time the Internet looked entirely different from how it does today and as a result many lawmakers believe that significant reforms are needed to bring legislation into line with present reality.

Last year several Members of the European Parliament sent a letter to the President of the European Commission to take up this issue.

Twitter share price soar in opening trade, giving hopes tech startups

Twitter Inc shares jumped 73 percent in a frenzied trading debut that drove the seven-year-old company?s market value to around $25 billion

Not just 4 lulz: Anonymous vs mass surveillance

Anonymous yesterday organised a simultaneous protest around the world against the revelations of mass surveillance by our own governments. Ignored by the media, this was an important event: “the beginning is near”.

From the Blog: American Panopticon: How a Small Town Foreshadowed the Surveillance State

What is a Panopticon? A prison with a central tower that can peer into every cell. An all-seeing eye that cannot itself be seen. The epitome of Enlightenment and a metaphor for modernity. A conversation piece at certain kinds of parties.

Apple Issues First Transparency Report, Includes ” Warrant Canary”

On Tuesday, yet another one of the nine companies originally implicated in the PRISM program released its first transparency report. Apple joins the ranks of Google, Yahoo, and Facebook, among others that have issued reports that detail the number of requests the companies receive from governments for user data.

Singapore to Hunt ‘Anonymous’ Hackers, Prime Minister Says

Wall Street Journal (blog)

Self-proclaimed Anonymous members had purportedly threatened attacks against state-owned information infrastructure if the government failed to withdraw by Tuesday new tightened Internet regulations for certain news websites ? seen by rights advocates …

Singapore vows to hunt down ‘Anonymous’ hackers and deal with them ‘severely’

Anonymous Declares War on Singapore

Singapore’s PM Vows to Track Down Anonymous

Google ends mystery: barge to be ‘interactive space’

Google ended nearly two weeks of speculation about an enormous floating barge in San Francisco Bay, saying it would be “an interactive space” for learning about technology


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