A governor curses at protester… Some co-ed student apartments raided by police… EFD Rights Watch

Turkish governor curses at protester during commemoration ceremony

A Turkish governor was heard and also caught on camera cursing at a protester
Turkish governor denies having cursed at protester

A governor who was heard shouting a curse at a man protesting against him has claimed he was misunderstood
9 Protestors Fined For Protesting Governor

Authorities issued a 186 lira fine to 9 protestors in the southern province of Adana for protesting Governor Coş during the death anniversary ceremony of Mustafa Kemal Atatürk yesterday.
Turkish governor under fire after row with protester

Adana Gov Hüseyin Avni Coş is facing a storm of criticism from the ruling, as well as opposition parties

Police ?raid? house of university student in Istanbul

A university student staying at a house in Istanbul?s Tophane neighborhood has claimed that her house was entered by police on Nov. 5

Female and male students in same house fined for ?noise? in Aegean province

A students? house in Manisa was raided by police late on Nov 9 and the students fined for making noise
PM Erdoğan taking revenge for Gezi protests through co-ed housing: MHP leader

Devlet Bahçeli has accused PM Erdoğan of trying to ‘take revenge’ for the Gezi protests by intruding on the privacy of young people during a rally in Ankara
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