Eurosphere roundup: “France says its journalists “coldly assassinated” in Mali

French journalists killed in Mali

Two journalists for French radio station RFI have been killed after being kidnapped by gunmen in the northern Mali town of Kidal.

France says its journalists “coldly assassinated” in Mali

Two French journalists killed in Mali on Saturday were “coldly assassinated” by the “terrorists” that France is fighting in the west African country, Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius said

French journalists ‘assassinated’

The deaths of two French journalists in northern Mali are described by France’s foreign minister as “cold and calculated assassinations”.

9%, 43%, 50%, 60%, 84%: How many domestic laws are linked to EU law? The case of Sweden

It’s up there with the origins of the universe as one of the great existential questions of our time (well…): how many national laws stem from Brussels?

European Commissioner Viviane Reding – who does what she can to turn people against the EU – recently told a “Debating Europe” event in Sweden (H/T @AllieRenison):

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