“Number of Syrian refugees in Turkey exceeds 600,000

Number of Syrian refugees in Turkey exceeds 600,000: Turkish official

The number of Syrian refugees in Turkey has exceeded 600,000 and more than 400,000 of them are living outside

Tensions Rise Near Syrian Border Over Wall Construction

Villagers spoke up against the construction of a wall in Turkey – Syria border ?in order to prevent smugglers?. ?The real aim is to besiege Rojava. There is no such practice in Reyhanlı and Akçakale with severe gang activity,? they claimed.


Is Turkish foreign policy successful?

The release of Turkish pilots by Lebanese Zuwar al-Imam Rida group (a branch of the Lebanese Hezbollah)

Doubts rise over Turkey?s ties to west

Responses to Chinese missiles, Iran and al-Qaeda indicate Ankara values its alliances. But it will have to convince Nato allies with actions, not words

Germany gives green light to open new chapter in Turkey’s EU bid

Germany has given the green light for the opening of the 22nd chapter in the EU accession negotiations, daily Hürriyet reported Oct. 20

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