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Why Q was illegal in Turkey until last month

Last month, Turkey repealed its 1928 Alphabet Law, and legalized the letter Q. In a short, illuminating piece in the London Review of Books, Yasmine Searle describes the history of Romanicization of Turkish writing, which was part of a larger project to assimilate Turkish minorities by standardizing the language and its spelling, and, in the process, banning many of the keys from the left side of the typewriter.


Turkish General Staff offers March 1 to begin shortened military service

The General Staff announced it has presented an offer to apply the regulation that will shorten the compulsory military service of as of March 1

Car accident death toll rises 113 ahead of feast holiday ending

Some 113 people were killed on the first eight days of the de facto nine-day Eid al-Adha in traffic accidents around Turkey

Thirty-six languages spoken in Turkey, but data needs update, specialist says

There are 36 languages spoken in Turkey, but the data should be updated as the latest official data about the issue dates back to 1965, the Linguistics Foundation head Nadir Engin Uzun says


Turkey?s birth rate to fall: Projections

Fertility in Turkey will likely lose momentum, according to the official statistics that indicate the birth rate


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