“EU progress report embraces the ‘spirit of Gezi’… A social fabric roundup…

Democratization in Turkey: the end of the First Republic?

Turkey is on a journey beyond AKP patriarchy, ?Aleviphobia?, and those social classes opposed to the AKP who have their own totalitarian tendencies, who call for a restoration of the first republic. We have to show that a ?third way? centered on libertarian and democratic politics, is possible.


EU progress report embraces the ‘spirit of Gezi’

Irrespective of how angry and vengeful Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan might be feeling toward


Taksim Solidarity pays Eid visits to families

A group of Taksim Solidarity Platform members paid an Eid visit to the family of 14-year-old Berkin Elvan

Turkish public broadcaster employees face investigations for their support to Gezi

TRT has confirmed that investigations have been launched against fifteen employees


Gezi protests: Milestone in Turkey?s history

Arab News (Saudi Arabia) October 14, 2013, p. 7 Aylin Kocaman * Turkey has a checkered history of coups. Some elements within the Turkish political system are always on the prowl to push an advancing country backward and impose its agenda on the millions who wish to leave behind a sordid political past. The most


Gezi protests: Milestone in Turkey’s history

Arab News

The most recent and sinister of them all was planned by Ergenekon, which was exposed in time and thwarted to the relief of the majority in the country. However, the Ergenekon coup plot trial exposed the influence of the ?deep state? and shocked the .


Minorities skeptical over call to join Turkish police forces

Minority communities have expressed skepticism at the Police Department?s recent Twitter call

Supreme Court rejects mother?s surname in Turkey

The Supreme Court has reversed a local Istanbul court ruling allowing a divorced mother

Turkey at a suffocating intersection

The Violence Law can be seen as a site-specific implementation of intensifying methods to oversee the entire population: wholesale detentions and ex post facto indictments have emerged as the preferred method of intimidating, marginalising and criminalising dissenting groups en masse.

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