Cyberculture roundup: Why Tor matters…”78% of Twitter’s Users Are Outside the U.S….


What is Tor and why does it matter?

We all live in public, at least as far as the US National Security Agency is concerned. As Internet users and global citizens become more aware of surveillance activities that the US and other countries are doing on the World Wide Web, there are those who seek to ensure that privacy and personal freedoms aren?t trampled upon.6 Digital Trends Every CEO Should Know


Moore?s law states that the power and speeds of computers will double every two years, and it?s held true. There has been no single factor that has impacted businesses to a greater degree than the ability of computers to perform better. This speed of change and digital capabilities has brought an unprecedented digital revolution and placed greater demands on companies to respond to rapid changes in the marketplace. Here are six digital trends every CEO should know.

Polls Continue to Show Majority of Americans Against NSA Spying

Shortly after the June leaks, numerous polls asked the American people if they approved or disapproved of the NSA spying, which includes collecting telephone records using Section 215 of the Patriot Act and collecting phone calls and emails using Section 702 of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act. The answer then was a resounding no, and new polls released in August and September clearly show Americans’ increasing concern about privacy has continued.

78% of Twitter’s Users Are Outside the U.S.

Twitter‘s international user growth is far outpacing its domestic rate.

Foursquare designer explains how he created mesmerizing visualizations from check-in data

Foursquare designer Matt Healey has explained in an interview with Fast Company how he created the stunning Pulse visualizations of check-in data that the company has beenshowing off recently.

NSA freedom of information requests up 1000% post-Snowden

Michael Morisy from Muckrock sez, “A veritable FOIA frenzy ensued in 2013 following a series of leaks about NSA surveillance programs, recently released documents show.

Twitter embraces Gmail?s quick actions. Now you can respond to notifications without opening each email

20131007 181739 520x245 Twitter embraces Gmails quick actions. Now you can respond to notifications without opening each email
Back in May, Google announced new quick action buttons, letting users respond to emails without opening them. So, for example, if you want to let the sender know that you?re attending an event, you can do so directly from your inbox. No typing required.
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