EFD Rights Watch: Commemoration for slain protestor (#HasanFeritGedik) after three days….

Police finally permit commemoration for slain protestor after three days

The Istanbul governorship has finally permitted a commemoration to be held for 21-year-old protestor


?Police Disregarded Missing Evidence?

Police authorities reportedly ignored the missing registration of Hasan Ferit Gedik?s shirt, a piece of clothing that marked a significant evidence within the death case investigation. ?They are trying to make us forget a significant evidence,? Advocate Şimşek said.


Turkey: Reform Package Gets Tepid Reception

Turkey?s new democratization reform package may mark a step forward for civil rights, but it does not go far enough to ease social tension and feelings of mistrust that are afflicting the country, analysts say.


Interior minister vows to investigate Eskişehir governor?s threat to journalist

Interior Minister Güler has reacted strongly to the Eskişehir governor?s threats made to a veteran journalist who reported on the death of Gezi protester

Relatives of Gezi victims optimistic about Amnesty International report

Brother of 22-year-old Abdullah Cömert, who was killed in Antakya on June 3, told the Hürriyet Daily News that the report was important

Amnesty accuses Turkey of abuse

Turkish authorities committed widespread human rights abuses in a summer crackdown on anti-government protests, Amnesty International says.

Eskişehir governor clarifies reasons for threatening journalist over reports on Gezi protester?s death

Eskişehir?s governor said the e-mail sent to Turkish daily Radikal?s correspondent was written to object to the correspondent?s ?inaccurate and distorted news

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