EFD Rights Watch: Amnesty report on #GeziPark states the obvious While Eskişehir governor threatens a journalist


Eskişehir governor threatens journalist over reports on protester?s murder

Eskişehir?s governor has threatened journalist İsmail Saymaz with retribution if the daily Radikal correspondent does not stop reporting on a Gezi protester’s death

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Turkey violated rights ‘on huge scale’ during Gezi protests: Amnesty International report

The authorities committed “gross human rights violations” during Gezi protests, the AI says


Dispatches: From Turkey, Mixed Signals on Reform

Human Rights Watch ? 9/30/13 ? Prime Minister Erdoğan’s speech today announcing the long-awaited ?democracy reform package? is the Turkish government’s first attempt to turn the page after the harsh clampdown that began in May with the Taksim Gezi park?

Erdoğan launches democratic reform plan

Turkey?s prime minister, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, yesterday (30 September) unveiled a long-awaited democratic reform plan to bouquets from the European Commission and brickbats from his parliamentary opposition. EurActiv Turkey reports.

Faced with growing criticism at home and abroad for his government’s handling of the ?Gezi Park? protests earlier this year, Erdoğan announced a set of measures to help with his country’s democratisation process.

MAIN FOCUS: Erdoğan presents “democracy package” | 01/10/2013

Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan presented a reform package on Monday which he says gives minorities more rights. The reforms include the partial lifting of the ban on headscarves in the public sector and allowing Kurdish to be the language of instruction at private schools. Commentators criticise the so-called “democracy package” as half-hearted and lament the advancing Islamisation of Turkish society.


The Stork Brings A Democracy Package

At long last, the democracy package has arrived, the nation breathlessly examining it in its crib and arguing about whether it resembles the AKP or whether, as the prime minister claims, it was engendered by ?international human rights, the European Union acquis and the works of the Wise People? (a group of public figures nominated to advise the peace process between AKP and the PKK). Whatever the parentage, the package, which will take form through legal amendments or even simply administrative adjustments, offers some important changes.

Marion Graham and Cathy Dinsmore murders: Turkey trial enters final phase

Trial in Izmir of father and son Eyup and Recep Cetin for 2011 murders of women from Northern Ireland nears end


The trial of a Turkish father and son accused of killing two British women on holiday enters its final phase on Wednesday.

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