EFD Rights Watch: “Turkey to build 207 prisons over 5 years…


Turkey to build 207 prisons over 5 years

Justice Minister Sadullah Ergin has announced plans for construction of 207 new prisons over the next five years.,

Prison de Riom.
Prison de Riom. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

?Side Effects of Tear Gas Still Linger?

According to a statement released by Turkish Doctors Union, 39 percent of those who were affected by tear gas during Gezi Resistance protests ?still suffer from the side effects of tear gas?.

Trial for Gezi victim?s slaying postponed before beginning

The first hearing into a police officer?s killing of Gezi protester Ethem Sarısülük was postponed before it even began this morning

Tensions Rise in Sarısülük Trial, Hearing Postponed

Ankara 6th High Criminal Court opened the Ethem Sarısülük killing case this morning with its top suspect Ahmet Şahbaz, a police officer. Tensions rose as plaintiff and defendants sides argued in the courtroom, pausing and postponing the hearing.

Turkey filed 50,000 times at Euro court between 2002 and 2012

Justice Minister Sadullah Ergin has revealed that more than 50,000 applications

Male Violence October 2012

A compilation made by bianet revealed that male perpetrators left 10 women and 1 infant dead, 16 (including young girls) raped, 8 injured in October 2012. Overall in 2012, men killed 137 women and raped 106.

Alleged killers of Gezi protestor face life imprisonment

The alleged killers of Ali İsmail Korkmaz could face life imprisonment

Male Students March with Skirts to Protest Skirt Ban

DEV-LIS members marched with skirts in the southern province of Antalya to protest a skirt ban for female students in Gazi Anatolian High School.


No Release For Füsun Erdoğan on Hearing 20

Istanbul 20th High Criminal Court resumed the 20th hearing of MLKP case this morning with journalist Füsun Erdoğan and 23 other defendants, where no pending trial order was issued. However, a verdict might be reached on the next hearing, which will be held on October 30.

ECHR fines Turkey 184,000 euros in expropriation case

The European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) fined Turkey 184,000 euros following a family?s complaint

Stop ?us and them? polarization, ODTÜ rector tells politicians

Middle East Technical University (ODTÜ) rector Ahmet Acar has called on politicians to step up their role to lessen the polarization within society

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